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Lenticular filter modules

Short Description:

Our Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge are a new type of filter cartridge using depth filter sheets. It is designed using a double separator concept. This separator design increases the total stability of the filter cartridge as the separators fully support the sheet material. This design also prevents filter sheet deformities after heat treatments and adverse effects of contact with hot sanitation. It is manufactured with rigid external clips to prevent damaging filter sheets during module loading and unloading while allowing for easy and reliable handing.

Product Detail

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• Liquid Decarburization and Decolorization
• Pre-filtration of Fermentation liquor
• Final Filtration (Germ Removal)

Material of Constructions

Depth Filter Sheet :Cellulose Fiber
Core/Separator: Polypropylene (PP)
Double O Ring or Gasket: Silicone, EPDM, Viton, NBR

Operating Conditions Max. Operating temperature 80℃
Max. Operating DP: 2.0bar@25℃ / 1.0bar@80℃

Outer Diameter Construction Seal Material Removal Rating Connection Type


16 = 16″

7=7 Layer

8=8 Layer

9=9 Layer

12=12 Layer

14=14 Layer

15=15 Layer

16=16 Layer

S= Silicone




CC002 = 0.2-0.4µm

CC004 = 0.4-0.6µm

CC100 = 1-3µm

CC150 = 2-5µm

CC200 = 3-7µm

A = DOE with gasket

B = SOE with O-ring


It can be washed under certain conditions to extend the service life
The operation is simple and reliable,and the solid outer frame design prevents the filter element from being damaged during installation and disassembly
Heat disinfection or hot filter fluid has no adverse effect on the filter board

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