Great Wall is a leading supplier of complete depth filtration solutions.
We develop, manufacture, and provide filtration solutions and high-quality depth filtration media for a wide range of applications.
Food, beverage, spirits, wine, fine and specialty chemicals, cosmetics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries.


Great Wall Filtration was established in 1989 and has been based at the capital of Liaoning Province, Shenyang City, China.

Our R&D, production and application of our products are based on more than 30 years of deep filter media experience. All of our staff are committed to ensuring and continuously improving the quality of products and services.

In our specialized field, we are proud to be the leading company in China. We have formulated the Chinese national standard of filter sheets, and our products meet national and international quality standards. Manufacturing is in accordance with the rules of Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001.


During the 30 years development of the company, Great Wall attach importance to R&D, product quality and sales service.

Depending on our powerful application engineer team, we are committed to supporting our customers in multiple industries from the time a process is setup in the lab to full-scale production. We built manufactures and sells complete systems and have occupied a large market share of depth filtration media.

Nowadays our excellent cooperative customers and agents are all over the world: AB InBev, ASAHI, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, DSM, Elkem, Knight Black Horse Winery, NPCA, Novozymes, PepsiCo and so on.

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Great Wall Filtration принимает участие в выставке Beviale Moscow, демонстрируя свои профессиональные решения для фильтрации пива русским друзьям.

Great Wall Filtration – компания, специализирующаяся на производстве и продаже оборудования для фильтрации пива, примет участие в выставке Beviale Moscow, которая состоится с 28 по 30 марта в Москве. На выставке компания продемонстрирует свои новейшие технологии и продукты, а также поделитс...

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Beviale Moscow

We will meet in Beviale Moscow, welcome to the booth of Great Wall Filtration

Great Wall Filtration is a company specialized in the beer filtration industry, and it will participate in the Beviale Moscow exhibition to be held from March 28th to 30th in Moscow. The company will showcase its latest filtration technology and products at the exhibition, demonstrating its exper...

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Successful Completion of the Women’s Day Baking Competition at Great Wall Filtration

Great Wall Filtration held a baking competition with the theme of Women’s Day, featuring buns, desserts, and pancakes. At the end of the article, we wish everyone a happy Women’s Day. Through this baking competition, Shenyang Great Wall Filter Paper Co., Ltd. provided female employee...

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