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Keep real with childish, and dreams for future -Parents are the children’s best teachers

Affected by the epidemic, Shenyang children have been suspended from school since March 17. After nearly a month of strict home quarantine, they gradually resumed normal life since April 13. In this most beautiful season, when children should be close to nature and feel the splendor of spring and summer, they can only stay at home and take online classes, leaving the pity for enjoying the wonderful moments. We always advocate strive for hard work and live cosy life. On the occasion of Children's Day on June 1, we have prepared a small outdoor parent-child outreach activity, bringing parents and children close to nature in early summer, learning teamwork games, promoting parent-child relationship, gaining happiness, friends and growth.


Filter board factory and their children

(visit the factory)

On the day of the activity, the children first came to the factory area to see what the place where their parents worked and what the company they worked for.
Wang Song, Minister of Quality and Technology Department, led the children to visit the factory area and the laboratory. He patiently explained to the children what procedures the raw materials go through to become filter cardboard, and demonstrated to the children the process of turning turbid liquid into clarified water through filtration experiments. .
The children opened their big round eyes when they saw that the turbid liquid turned into clear water.

Children watching filtration experiment in laboratory

(We look forward to planting a seed of curiosity and exploration in the hearts of children.)

Brand Introduction of Great Wall Filtration Company


(Introduction the history of Great Wall company)

Then everyone came to the main venue of the event and came to the outdoor park. Outdoor Outward Bound Coach Li has customized a series of outreach activities for children and parents.

Under the command of the coach, parents and children held the balloons and ran to the finish line in various interesting poses, and worked together to burst the balloons. A warm-up game not only shortened the distance between children, but also shortened the distance between parents and children, and the atmosphere of the scene was full.

Soldiers on the battlefield: Test the division of labor, collaboration and execution of the team. The refinement of the indication signal, the clarity of the issued instructions, and the accuracy of the execution determine the final result.

Filter Board Company Activities

Energy transfer game: Due to a mistake by the yellow team, the victory was handed over. The yellow team's children asked their father, "Why did we lose?"
Dad said, "Because we made a mistake and went back to work."
This game tells us: play steadily and avoid rework.

All adults were once children. Today, taking the opportunity of Children's Day, parents and children form a team to fight together. Get gift badminton suits to strengthen your body; scientific experiment suits to explore the world of science.

Employee gifts from filter paper companies

This year's Children's Day is connected with the Dragon Boat Festival. At the end of the event, we send our blessings to the children through sachets. "Why do you knock? The sachet is behind the elbow." China has a long and poetic sachet culture. Especially on the Dragon Boat Festival every year, wearing a sachet is one of the traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. Filling the cloth bag with some fragrant and enlightening Chinese herbal medicine not only has a fragrant fragrance, but also has certain functions of repelling insects, avoiding pests and preventing diseases. , also entrusted with good wishes for a In addition to parent-child activities, the company also carefully prepared gift packages for children who were unable to participate in the activities, which included a card containing the company and parents' blessings to the children, a copy of "Sophie's World", a set of stationery, a box of Delicious biscuits, children not only need snacks to adjust their lives, but also spiritual food to comfort their souls.

June 1st gift from filter cardboard companyChildren's message to the Great Wall filter sheets cardboard company...

Dear children, on this special and pure day, we offer our most sincere wishes "Happy Children's Day and a happy life". Maybe on this day, your parents can't get together with you because they stick to their jobs, because they shoulder the responsibilities of family, work, and society, and continue to win everyone's respect and recognition as an ordinary and responsible role. Thank you children and families for their support and understanding.

Group photo of the No. 1 filter board company team activitySee you next Children's day ! wish you can grow up happy and healthy!

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