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Great Wall Filtration to Participate in the 2024 ACHEMA Biochemical Exhibition in Germany

We are thrilled to announce that Great Wall Filtration will participate in the ACHEMA Biochemical Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 10-14, 2024. ACHEMA is a premier global event in the fields of chemical engineering, environmental protection, and biochemistry, bringing together leading companies, experts, and scholars from around the world to showcase the latest technologies and products and to discuss the future trends in the industry.

As a leading company in filtration and separation technologies, Great Wall Filtration will showcase our latest technological innovations and solutions at this exhibition. Our booth will be located at Hall 6, Stand D45. We welcome partners, clients, and industry peers from around the globe to visit us for discussions and networking.

Exhibition Highlights

**1. New Product Launch**
We are excited to unveil our latest high-efficiency filtration system, which employs advanced membrane technology to significantly enhance filtration efficiency and precision. This system is widely applicable in pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, food and beverages, and environmental protection.

**2. Live Demonstrations**
During the exhibition, we will conduct several live demonstrations, showcasing how our filtration equipment performs efficient separation and purification processes in real-world applications. This is a great opportunity to see our product performance and application scenarios.

**3. Expert Lectures**
Our team of technical experts will participate in several keynote speeches, sharing our latest research findings and industry insights in filtration technology. We invite all attendees to join these lectures to discuss the future direction of filtration technology.

**4. Customer Engagement**
Throughout the exhibition, we will host several customer engagement activities, providing an opportunity to meet with new and existing clients, understand their needs and feedback, and further improve our products and services.

Looking Forward to Meeting You

Great Wall Filtration is dedicated to providing high-quality, high-performance filtration solutions to our clients. Through this ACHEMA exhibition, we hope to strengthen our connections with global clients and partners and to jointly advance the development and application of filtration technology.

We invite you to join us at the ACHEMA exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 10-14, 2024. Visit our booth (Hall 6, Stand D45) to experience our innovative products and technologies and to learn more about Great Wall Filtration. We look forward to meeting you and discussing the promising future of our industry!

For more information about the exhibition, please visit the ACHEMA website [www.achema.de](http://www.achema.de).

**About Great Wall Filtration**
Great Wall Filtration is a high-tech company specializing in filtration and separation technologies, committed to providing high-quality products and services to global clients. With a strong R&D team and advanced production equipment, our products are widely used in pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, food and beverages, environmental protection, and other fields.

For more information, please visit our website [https://www.filtersheets.com/], or contact us at:
- **Email**:clairewang@sygreatwall.com
- **Phone**: +86-15566231251

Looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt!

Great Wall Filtration
June 2024

Great Wall Filtration to Participate in the 2024 ACHEMA Biochemical Exhibition in Germany

Post time: Jun-04-2024