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International Women’s Day-Let Life Be Poetry


We come together to celebrate International Women’s Day. Self-esteem, self-improvement, self-confidence, and self-love are our pursuits; gentleness, virtuousness, perseverance, and dedication are our pride; on the journey of life, we may seem ordinary, but we can bravely hold up half the sky and make the whole world more beautiful And vivid, become a beautiful landscape in life.
On this International Women’s Day, Great Wall Filtration launched a poem recitation with the theme of “Let Life Full of Poetry”. In the spare time of busy work, everyone used the rest time to prepare for rehearsal and creation. The poems participating in the poem recitation included the original poems “Women and Heroes, Sonorous Roses”, “To Women’s Day on March 8″, etc., as well as adapted poems, which fully reflected the Thanks to everyone’s versatility and attention to this event.
Great Wall Filters female employees account for 45%, which truly holds up half the sky. They carefully and efficiently provide direct guarantee for stable and safe products in the packaging department and the quality department: in the logistics department, they can withstand the pressure brought by the epidemic to ensure the safety of the goods.
All delivered to each customer; in the finance department and the personnel administration department, they worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was done, and they were the strongest backing; in the sales department, they overcame all difficulties, opened up the market, forged ahead, innovated new products, and displayed the vanguard power and vitality of the Rose Legion. vitality. There are also some female employees who are escorting production and still stick to their jobs. It is a little regret that they were not able to participate in all of them.
We are here to enjoy the joy that the holiday brings to us, to enjoy this wonderful time: we are here to open our hearts and unleash our passions.


Great Wall employees create their own poems:
“Women Heroes, Iron lady”


Without strong arms, they also sweaty like man

There is no fashionable clothes, but they can still be heroic. They  stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Choose to stick to the production line

They are gentle, dignified, mature, and skilled, and they can still hold out half the world on the post.

They are the Great Wall Female  workers

The praiseworthy rose walks into the production workshop

machine noise didn’t disturb their dreams

The scorching heat wave cann’t fade their faces

The evening glow reddened the face

Sweat strung into a sparkling necklace

Their faces are more beautiful

Their fragrance is more distant

kiss goodbye to sleeping children

Gently shut up the trivialities and warmth of the home

They are like blooming roses to the towering factories

Adds a bit of agility and brilliance to factory

Shake off the dust

Along the way with singing and laughter


Great Wall Female Workers–Clanging Roses

Use tenderness and tenacity to depict the bright future of the Great Wall with hard work and dedication

The company has prepared Jiuyang health pots for all female employees, hoping that everyone will “light health care, new cooking righteousness”, make themselves more beautiful, and share delicious and fun drinks with you. A blooming phalaenopsis is also specially prepared for the employees who participated in the poem recitation. The flower language of the Phalaenopsis is: happiness, flying to you, which is also the company’s best wishes.

On the International Women’s Day on March 8, Great Wall Filters wishes festive greetings and best wishes to the hard-working women in different positions!
May you show tenderness to the world and interpret the face of contemporary women with tenacity: when you work hard to shine and win respect with your professionalism and strength; when you can bravely define your own life, thousands of people and thousands of faces, each is wonderful .


Shenyang Great Wall has not forgotten its original intention for 33 years, forged ahead, and won the praise of thousands of customers. Dedicated to building a century-old brand. At present, the products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Japan, Australia, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom. Take social responsibility, spread positive energy and spread beauty.

Post time: Mar-28-2022