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Organization of activities

On the afternoon of November 25, 2020, Ms. Du Juan arrived at the Benxi campus of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University with 10 staff of great wall filter, and met with director Anping of the section Chief, Meng Yi, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the College of pharmacy, Liu Yucheng, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the College of pharmaceutical engineering, Wang Shuangyan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the College of traditional Chinese medicine, Zhang Haijing, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the College of life sciences and biopharmaceutical Wang Haixia, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the school of business administration, and other school leaders had cordial exchanges.

At 2:30 p.m., the award ceremony for “Great Wall Du Zhaoyun Scholarship” was officially held in the school lecture hall. Ms. Du Juan presented awards and took a group photo with the ten students who won the scholarship. Ms. Du Juan wishes the award-winning students: you are the cultivators of Pharmaceutical Science in the future. I hope you can inherit the scientific and rigorous attitude of the older generation of pharmaceutical people. In the post epidemic era, you need to work harder, become the backbone of the country, and strive to build the motherland and realize your own value.

During the ceremony, Wang Dan, sales director of Great Wall filtration, Wang song, technical director, and Yan Yuting, sales manager, also shared with teachers and students the cultural concept and product application field of Great Wall filtration, helping students know better of great wall filtration. At the same time, they were also invited to visit Great Wall filtration.

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At the end of the ceremony, Chief Anping made a wonderful conclusion on behalf of the school leaders. Chief Anping thanked the great wall filtration for its donation and explained the development process of the school. Each participant was deeply moved by this history When sharing the original intention of the scholarship, Ms. Du Juan said with tears in her eyes: “the idea of setting up a scholarship came from a plot of the TV series “On the Road”: the character Liu Da said, ‘Jenny (Liu Da’s lover) didn’t leave me. I set up a love fund in her name and I used another form to keep her with me’. This plot deeply moved me. I think my father (Mr. Du Zhaoyun) can also stay with me and the Great Wall in this way. The commemorates of my father is also the memory of my father. I hope to continue my father’s craftsman spirit, love and entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, I want to set up this scholarship”.

The award ceremony is just one day away from Thanksgiving in the West. In western culture, Thanksgiving is a festival for families to get together; The establishment of the “Great Wall Du Zhaoyun scholarship” has also reunited the two generations of the Great Wall to some extent.

Plant a seed of hope. We expect it to nurture the accumulation of students, grow a great brand, and spread the spiritual deeds of entrepreneurs everywhere.

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