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High Performance Depth filter sheets

Short Description:

Great Wall H series depth filter sheets have increased sediment absorption capacity, and were developed to meet the requirements of production needs larger filtration flux.

The sheets with outstanding clarification performance are widely used in specialist and challenging applications. Due to sheets’ stability combined with long sheet life, sterility and integrity, this series covers a wide retention range which enables precise adaptation to each respective filtration task.

  • Model: Flow Time (s)①
  • SCH-610: 20"-55"
  • SCH-620: 2'-5'
  • SCH-625: 5'-15’
  • SCH-630: 15'-25’
  • SCH-640: 25'-35’
  • SCH-650 : 35'- 45'
  • SCH-660: 45'-55'
  • SCH-680: 55'-65'
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    Specific advantages

    Homogenous and consistent media, available in multiple grades
    Media stability due to high wet strength
    A combination of surface, depth and adsorptive filtration
    Ideal pore structure for reliable retention of the components to be separated
    Use of high-quality raw materials for high clarification performance
    Economic service life through high dirt holding capacity
    Comprehensive quality control of all raw and auxiliary materials
    In-process monitoring ensures consistent quality


    Clarifying filtration
    Fine filtration
    Germ reducing filtration
    Germ removing filtration

    H series products have found wide acceptance in the filtration of spirits, beers, syrups for soft drinks, gelatines and cosmetics, plus a diverse spread of chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates and final products.


    Main Constituents

    The H Series depth filter sheets are made from particularly pure natural materials:

    • Cellulose
    • Natural filter aid diatomaceous earth
    • Wet strength resin

    Relative Retention Rating

    *These figures have been determined in accordance with in-house test methods.
    *Effective removal performance of filter sheets is dependent on process conditions.

     Physical Data

    This information  is  intended  as a guideline  for the selection of Great Wall depth filter sheets.

    Model Flow Time (s)① Thickness (mm) Nominal retention rate (μm) Water permeability ②(L/m²/min△=100kPa) Dry Bursting Strength (kPa≥) Wet Bursting Strength (kPa≥) Ash content %
    SCH-610 20″-55″ 3.4-4.0 15-30 3100-3620 550 160 32
    SCH-620 2′-5′ 3.4-4.0 4-9 240-320 550 180 35
    SCH-625 5′-15’ 3.4-4.0 2-5 170-280 550 180 40
    SCH-630 15′-25’ 3.4-4.0 1-2 95-146 500 200 40
    SCH-640 25′-35’  3.4-4.0 0.8-1.5 89-126 500 200 43
    SCH-650  35′- 45′ 3.4-4.0 0.5-0.8 68-92 500 180 48
    SCH-660 45′-55′ 3.4-4.0 0.3-0.5 23-38 450 180 51
    SCH-680 55′-65′ 3.4-4.0 0.2-0.4 23-33 450 160 52

    ①Flow time is a time indicator used to evaluate the filtering accuracy of the filter sheets. It is equal to the time it takes for 50 ml of distilled water to pass 10 cm’ of filter sheets under the conditions of 3 kPa pressure and 25°C.

    ②The permeability was measured under test conditions with clean water at 25°C (77°F) and 100kPa, 1bar (A14.5psi) pressure.

     These figures have been determined in accordance with in-house test methods and the methods of the Chinese National Standard. The water throughput is a laboratory value characterizing the differ- ent Great Wall depth filter sheets. It is not the recommended flow rate.

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