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Standard Range Sheets for a wide range of applications

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Great Wall Standard Series Depth Filter Sheets
For a wide range of applications

The Standard Series has a broad range of retention grades which seamlessly cover 20.0 to 0.2 µm. This ensures the filter media meets demanding liquid filtration requirements.

Due to its’ optimum pore structure and adsorption properties, the depth filter sheets have an excellent clarification performance in multiple grades, suitable for microbial reduction and applications requiring polishing, fine, clarifying, and coarse filtration.

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Specific advantages

Homogenous and consistent media, available in multiple grades
Media stability due to high wet strength
A combination of surface, depth and adsorptive filtration
Ideal pore structure for reliable retention of the components to be separated
Use of high-quality raw materials for high clarification performance
Economic service life through high dirt holding capacity
Comprehensive quality control of all raw and auxiliary materials
In-process monitoring ensures consistent quality


Clarifying Filtration and Coarse Filtration
SCP-309, SCP-311, SCP-312 depth filter sheets with large-volume cavity structure. These depth filter sheets have a high holding capacity for particles and are especially suitable for clarifying filtration applications.

Microbe Reduction and Fine Filtration
 SCP-321, SCP-332, SCP-333, SCP-334 depth filter sheets for achieving a high degree of clarification. These sheet types reliably retain ultrafine particles and have a germ-reducing effect, making them particularly suitable for haze-free filtering of liquids prior to storing and bottling.

Microbe Reduction and Removal
SCP-335, SCP-336, SCP-337 depth filter sheets with a high germ retention rate. These sheet types are particularly suitable for cold-sterile bottling or storing of liquids. The high germ retention rate is achieved through the fine-pored structure of the depth filter sheet and electrokinetic potential with an adsorptive effect. Due to their high retention capacity for colloidal ingredients, these sheet types are particularly suitable as prefilters for subsequent membrane filtration.

Main applications: Wine, beer, fruit juices, spirits, food, fine/specialty chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and so on.

Main Constituents

The Standard Series depth filter sheets are made from particularly pure natural materials:

  • Cellulose
  • Natural filter aid diatomaceous earth (DE, Kieselguhr)
  • Wet strength resin

Relative Retention Rating


*These figures have been determined in accordance with in-house test methods.
*Effective removal performance of filter sheets is dependent on process conditions.

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