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High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers easily filter viscous liquids

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High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers

High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers, we also called fast filter paper. They are made of wooden pulp.
Great Wall fast filter paper has a very large air permeability, the fibers are smoother after treatment, There is a higher a cellulose content. It is suitable for filtration of high-viscosity liquids with poor liquid fluidity and more solid particles and impurities. Enables high-viscosity liquids to be used for larger fluxes during filtration.
Fast filter paper application

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Filament/Short Filament Viscose Filtration
- Cellulose acetate filtration
- Clarifying filtration of paraffin
- Filtration of petroleum products
- heavy oil filtration

Great Wall Company is equipped with multi-functional, high-quality product laboratories, advanced production equipment, testing instruments and perfect testing methods. The products are based on strong technical force, guaranteed by strict production management and product quality control, from raw materials. The selection of products and the design of product packaging have undergone strict selection and safety assessment to ensure that each product that each products meets or exceeds national standards.
we have 33 years’ experience in filtration industry, we are located in shenyang China.
we have SGS test report, and ISO 14001 and ISO9001 certificates and food grade certificate.

In 2020, a total of 123 inspection reports were issued to provide solutions for 28 new and existing customers. Among them, 10 new customers improved the product quality through the solutions provided by our company, and directly dealt with them.

Our filter papers are export to USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, Canada, Paraguay, Thailand, and so on. Now we are expanding international market, we are happy to meet you, and wish we will with great cooperation to achieve win-win !

Let me know your request, we will provide you a filtration solutions , we will provide you better products and best service.

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