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High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers easily filter viscous liquids

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High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers, we also called fast filter paper. They are made of wooden pulp.

Great Wall fast filter paper has a very large air permeability, the fibers are smoother after treatment, There is a higher a cellulose content. It is suitable for filtration of high-viscosity liquids with poor liquid fluidity and more solid particles and impurities. Enables high-viscosity liquids to be used for larger fluxes during filtration.
Fast filter paper application

  • Grade: Mass per UnitArea (g/m2)
  • HV250K: 240-260
  • HV250: 235-250
  • HV300: 290-310
  • HV109: 345-355
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    High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers

    Great Wall This high viscosity fluid filter paper has great wet strength and a very high flow rate. Frequently used in technical applications such as the filtration of viscous liquids and emulsions (e.g. Sweetened juices, spirits and syrups, resin solutions, oils or plant extracts). Strong filter with very fast flow rate. Ideal for coarse particles and gelatinous precipitates. Smooth surface.

    High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers Applications

    Great Wall filter paper includes grades suitable for general coarse filtration, fine filtration, and retention of specified particle sizes during the clarification of various liquids. We also offer grades that are used as a septum to hold filter aids in a plate and frame filter presses or other filtration configurations, to remove low levels of particulate, and many other applications.
    Such as: production of alcoholic, soft drink, and fruit juice beverages, food processing of syrups, cooking oils, and shortenings, metal finishing and other chemical processes, refinement and separation of petroleum oils and waxes.

    High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers
    Please refer to the application guide for additional information.

    High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers Features

    •Thick, high and low-density filter papers designed for fast filtration of viscous fluid.
    •Fast filtering, wide-pore, loose structure.
    •Ultra-high loading capacity with particle retention make it ideal for use with coarse or gelatinous precipitates.
    •Fastest flow rate of the qualitative grades.

    High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers Technical Specifications

    Grade Mass per UnitArea (g/m2) Thickness (mm) Air Permeability L/m²·s Dry Bursting Strength (kPa≥) Wet Bursting Strength (kPa≥) color
    HV250K 240-260 0.8-0.95 100-120 160 40 white
    HV250 235-250 0.8-0.95 80-100 160 40 white
    HV300 290-310 1.0-1.2 30-50 130 ~ white
    HV109 345-355 1.0-1.2 25-35 200 ~ white

    *The raw materials vary from product to product, depending on the model and industry application.

    High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers Forms of supply

    Supplied in rolls, sheets, discs and folded filters as well as customer-specific cuts. All these conversions can be done with our own specific equipment. Please contact us for more information.
    •Paper rolls of various widths and lengths.
    • Filter circles with centre hole.
    •Large sheets with exactly positioned holes.
    • Specific shapes with a flute or with pleats.

    Our filter papers are export to USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, Canada, Paraguay, Thailand, and so on. Now we are expanding international market, we are happy to meet you, and wish we will with great cooperation to achieve win-win !

    Let me know your request, we will provide you a filtration solutions , we will provide you better products and best service.

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