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Wet Strength Filter Papers extremely high burst resistance

Short Description:

Wet strength filter papers are made of wooden pulp

This product uses high-quality raw wood pulp as raw material, which has good filtration and adsorption performance, uniform pulp distribution, high density, high burst strength, good stiffness, long service life, and can reduce filtration costs. Water filter paper is made for applications that require high wet strength and high-pressure filtration.
It is made of pure plant fibers through a special process. Its texture is white and delicate, its appearance is flat, and its thickness is uniform. The Cellulose will not separate or fall off during filtration.

Product Detail

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-Made of refined pulp
-Ash content < 1%
- Supplied in rolls, sheets, discs and folded filters as well as customer-specific cuts

Product Usage:

This product uses imported wood pulp as the main raw material and is processed through a special process. It is used in conjunction with a filter. It is mainly used for fine filtration of nutritional bases in beverages and pharmaceutical industries. It can also be used in biopharmaceuticals, oral medicines, fine chemicals, high glycerol and colloids, honey, pharmaceutical and chemical products and other industries, can be cut into round, square and other shapes according to users.

Great Wall pays particular attention to continuous in-process quality control; additionally, regular checks and exact analyses of raw material and of each individual finished product
assure constant high quality and product uniformity.

We have production workshop & Research & Development department & Testing Lab
Have the ability to develop new product series with customers.

In order to better serve customers, Great Wall Filtration has established a professional sales engineer team to provide customers with comprehensive application technical support. The professional sample testing experiment process can accurately match the most suitable filter material model after testing the sample.

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