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A Series Depth Filter Sheets With High Absorption

Short Description:

Great Wall A series high throughput sheets are characterized by their relatively low density, high void volume, greater absorption capacity and increased depth.
Its’ high dirt holding capacity and burst strength are specifically formulated for the clarification of highly colloidal, highly viscous liquids and liquids containing particles, which would rapidly block other grades of filter sheets.
In a wide range of filtration tasks, like the filtration of liquids with high viscosity or particle load, coarse, crystalline, amorphous, or gel-like impurities structures, these sheets can provide the benefits of reduced filtration costs as well as excellent product clarity.

  • Model: Mass per UnitArea (g/m2)
  • SCA-030: 620-820
  • SCA-040: 710-910
  • SCA-060: 920-1120
  • SCA-080: 1020-1220
  • SCA-090: 950-1150
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    A Series Depth Filter Sheets Specific Advantages

    High dirt holding capacity for economic filtration
    Differentiated fiber and cavity structure (internal surface area) for the widest range of applications and operating condition
    The ideal combination of filtration
    Active and adsorptive properties ensures maximum safety
    Very pure raw materials and therefore minimum influence on filtrates
    By using and selecting high-purity cellulose, the content washable ions is exceptionally low
    Comprehensive quality assurance for all raw and auxiliary materials and intensive in
    Process controls ensure the consistent quality of the finished products

    A Series Depth Filter Sheets Applications:

    A Series Depth Filter Sheets

    Great Wall A Series filter sheets are the preferred type for coarse filtration of highly viscous liquids. Due to their large-pore cavity structure, the depth filter sheets offer high dirt holding capacity for gel-like impurities particles. The depth filter sheets are mainly combined with the filter aids to achieve economic filtration.

    Main applications: Fine/specialty chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, fruit juice, and so on.

    A Series Depth Filter Sheets Main Constituents

    Great Wall A series depth filter medium is made only of high purity cellulose materials.

    A Series Depth Filter Sheets Relative Retention Rating

    Relative Retention Rating4

    *These figures have been determined in accordance with in-house test methods.

    *Effective removal performance of filter sheets is dependent on process conditions.

    A Series Depth Filter Sheets  Physical Data

    This information is intended as a guideline for the selection of Great Wall depth filter sheets.

    Model Mass per UnitArea (g/m2) Flow Time (s) ① Thickness (mm) Nominal retention rate (μm) Water permeability ②(L/m²/min△=100kPa) Dry Bursting Strength (kPa≥) Wet bursting strength (kPa≥) Ash content %
    SCA-030 620-820 5″-15″ 2.7-3.2 95-100 16300-17730 150 150 1
    SCA-040 710-910 10″-30″ 3.4-4.0 65-85 9210-15900 350 1
    SCA-060 920-1120 20″-40″ 3.2-3.6 60-70 8100-13500 350 1
    SCA-080 1020-1220 25″-55″ 3.5-4.0 60-70 7800-12700 450 1
    SCA-090 950-1150 40″-60″ 3.2-3.5 55-65 7300-10800 350 1

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