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High Purity Cellulose Sheets mineral-free and stable

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Great Wall C Series Depth Filter Sheets
With High-Purity Cellulose

Great Wall C series depth filter sheets are mineral-free and used for a wide range of applications from coarse filtration to microbe removal.

These sheets are made of cellulose of high purity and are characterized by unparalleled purity, with much lower values of the ions that can be extracted and the sensory qualities that affect the substance. High-purity celluloses form a unique structure, which even for microbial removal does not require mineral components.

Because of its high purity and strength, it is possible to combine the strictest standards of microbiological safety with the greatest extent maintenance of valuable flavor and color during filtration.

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Specific Advantages

Offers exceptionally high chemical resistance both in alkaline and acidic applications
Very good chemical and mechanical resistance
Without the addition of mineral components, therefore low ion content
Virtually no ash content, therefore optimum ash
Low charge-related adsorption
Higher performance
Rinsing volume reduced, resulting in reduced process costs
Drip losses reduced in open filter systems


It is usually used in clarifying filtration, filtration prior to the final membrane filter, activated carbon removal filtration, microbial removal filtration, fine colloids removal filtration, catalyst separation and recovery, removal of yeast.

Great Wall C series depth filter sheets can be used for filtration of any liquid media and available in multiple grades suitable for microbial reduction as well as fine and clarifying filtration, such as protecting subsequent membrane filtration step particularly in the filtration of wines with borderline colloid content.

Main applications: Wine, beer, fruit juices, spirits, food, fine/specialty chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cosmetics.

Main Constituents

Great Wall C series depth filter medium is made only of high purity cellulose materials.

Relative Retention Rating


*These figures have been determined in accordance with in-house test methods.
*Effective removal performance of filter sheets is dependent on process conditions.

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