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Precoat&Support Sheets for beer and beverage

Short Description:

Great Wall S Series Washable Support Sheets
For Reliable Support Properties

Great Wall S series is a new type of washable, reusable support sheet for pre-coat filtration in diatomaceous earth frame filters that you can use to achieve particularly high performance in the food and beverage industry.

It is a reliable partner for classic solid liquid separation to retain any filter aids which have been applied both as a pre-coat and as a body feed addition to the main unfiltered product. Not providing a considerable degree of clarification of their own, these filter sheets only serve as precoat support, while the kieselguhr or any other filter aid deposit represents the effective filter medium.

Its high wet strength and optimized surface enable a service life up to 30 precoat cycles, depending on the liquid to be filtered and the filter aid used. The sheets’ total throughput is determined by the quality of the filtering aids deposit.

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Specific Advantages

Robust sheet surface for increased sheet life and heavy duty use
Innovative sheet surface for improved cake release
Extremely durable and flexible
Perfect powder retention capacity and lowest drip-loss values
Available as folded or single sheets to fit any of the filter press sizes and type
Very tolerant of pressure transients during the filtration cycle
Flexible collocation with various filter aids which include, kieselguhr, perlites, activated carbon, polyvinylpolyprrolidone (PVPP) and other specialist treatment powders


Great Wall support sheets work for the food and beverage industry and other applications like sugar filtration, basically anywhere where strength, product safety and durability are a key factor.

Main applications: Beer, food, fine/specialty chemistry, cosmetics.

Main Constituents

Great Wall S series depth filter medium is made only of high purity cellulose materials.

Relative Retention Rating


*These figures have been determined in accordance with in-house test methods.
*Effective removal performance of filter sheets is dependent on process conditions.


If the filtration process allows regeneration of the filter matrix, the filter sheets can be forward and back washed with softened water without bio burden to increase the total filtration capacity and thus optimizing economic efficiency.

Regeneration is carried out as follows:

Cold rinsing 
in the direction of filtration
Duration approximately 5 minutes
Temperature: 59 – 68 °F (15 – 20 °C)

Hot rinsing
forward or reverse direction of filtration
Duration: approximately 10 minutes
Temperature: 140 – 176 °F (60 – 80 °C)
Rinsing flow rate should be 1½ of the filtration flow rate with counter pressure of 0.5-1 bar

Please contact Great Wall for recommendations on your specific filtration process as results may vary by product, pre-filtration and filtration conditions.

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